Heritage Medical Center launches 24/7 doctor access service in Ugandan, powered by LifeHealth.

Heritage Medical Center launches 24/7 doctor access service in Uganda, powered by LifeHealth.

On June 24th, 2024, LifeHealth proudly introduces Uganda’s inaugural 24/7 on-demand live video telemedicine service, developed in collaboration with Heritage Medical Center. This pioneering platform marks a milestone in healthcare delivery, offering continuous medical consultations throughout Uganda. Powered by LifeHealth’s advanced technology, the service enables users to connect with qualified doctors anytime, anywhere, addressing concerns ranging from late-night emergencies to medication inquiries, lab results, and immediate health advice. A key highlight is its affordability, underscoring Heritage Medical Center and LifeHealth's commitment to enhancing healthcare accessibility. For first time users, the “My LifeHealth Wallet” app offers the first telemedicine doctor call to Heritage Medical Center free of charge, ensuring that quality medical care is now within reach for a broader population segment.

Dr. Abraham Mwesigwa, CEO of Heritage Medical Centre, shared his excitement regarding the launch: “We are thrilled to debut this innovative 24/7 doctor access service, the first of its kind in Uganda. Our goal is to bridge gaps in healthcare access and deliver prompt medical assistance to all individuals, irrespective of location or financial status. In partnership with LifeHealth, we are advancing healthcare into the digital age, ensuring equitable access to essential medical care.”

Dr. Michelle Barry, CEO of LifeHealth, underscored the significance of this service for Uganda’s healthcare landscape: “The introduction of this service marks a pivotal moment for healthcare in Uganda. By integrating technology with healthcare, Heritage Medical Centre and LifeHealth are enhancing the efficiency and accessibility of medical services. Moreover, we are empowering individuals with control over their medical records, immediate access to care, and personalized information to better manage their wellbeing.”

“We firmly believe that quality healthcare is a fundamental right, not a privilege” she emphasized. “Our platform enables Ugandans to access high-quality care whenever and wherever they need it. This service is transformative, especially for those in remote areas with limited medical resources. It aims to empower everyone to lead healthier lives.”

About Heritage Medical Centre.

Heritage Medical Centre is dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare in Uganda by providing accessible, affordable, and high-quality medical solutions. Their mission focuses on ensuring comprehensive healthcare access, offering a spectrum of services including primary care, specialty services, diagnostics, and telemedicine. Emphasizing transparency and flexible pricing, Heritage Medical Centre strives to make healthcare affordable for everyone. They actively engage with communities through health education initiatives and outreach programs, empowering individuals to prioritize their well-being. Looking ahead, Heritage Medical Centre aims to expand its network of clinics, introduce advanced medical technologies, and continue to elevate healthcare standards nationwide. For further details, please reach out directly on heritagemedicalservices@gmail.com

About LifeHealth

LifeHealth is at the forefront of digital health and remote healthcare solutions, specializing in seamlessly connecting patients, providers, facilities, and resources through our cutting-edge platform. Our dedication to a patient-centered approach guarantees efficient, personalized, and responsive access. Looking ahead, LifeHealth remains committed to pioneering new technologies and expanding our services, thereby improving access to high-quality healthcare globally. To learn more, visit www.lifehealth.global and for more inquiries, please contact: info@lifehealth.global

Heritage Medical Center and LifeHealth are dedicated to enhancing healthcare outcomes for Ugandans as they expand their services. Future initiatives include offering personalized care options, expanding access to resources, and extending their network of healthcare providers to cater to diverse needs. The 24/7 doctor access service is now operational and accessible through the LifeHealth platform. Access the “Heritage Medical Center Telemedicine platform” through the “My LifeHealth Wallet” mobile app available on all leading mobile app stores for free. To learn more about registration and using the service, Email customer support on support@lifehealth.global

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