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LifeHealth CTC

We're committed to providing our patients with the best possible care. That's why we offer a seamless and convenient way to connect with your doctor.

LifeHealth Admin

LifeHealth Admin is a valuable tool for any medical practice, whether you are just starting out or looking to expand your services.

LifeHeath Wallet

Lifehealth Wallet is a mobile app that allows you to access your personal medical record on your phone. With Lifehealth Wallet, you can store your health vitals, health status, clinical trials, blood type order, and appointment ...

E-Claims Portal

A cloud-based platform that allows you to submit claims electronically to insurance companies. This system can help you save time and money by eliminating the need to mail paper claims ...

Mental Health Diagnosis Module.

Mental illness is a major public health problem, affecting millions of people worldwide. Early diagnosis and treatment are essential for improving outcomes, but access to mental health care can be limited.


Our LifeHealth Apps have a mental health module that uses  variety of methods to assess symptoms, including self-report questionnaires, clinical interviews, and assessments of cognitive function

Across the circle of care

Transforming healthcare delivery

E-Claims System

This is an integrated insurance core solution with over 30 service oriented modules covering all major insurance management components - premium and renewals ...

Mental Health

With the LifeHealth CTC app patients can do a mental health analysis with the help of a psychographer and can also get a consultation from our professionals.

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Designed for Healthcare professionals and personal use.

Why you should join LifeHealth

Reasons why you should leverage Telemedicine.

  1. Smart Disease Management
  2. No waiting room
  3. Easy and fastaccess to pharmacies, doctors & lab results.
  4. No need to take time of work.
  5. Improved patient details.


4Ws of Healthcare

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What ?

LifeHealth is a ground-breaking, multi-functional cyber platform that revolutionizes the way healthcare is practiced and medical data is aggregated, distributed, and utilized. It helps doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, schools, pharmacies, diagnostic labs, employers, government ministries and – most importantly – its individual members and families. LifeHealth is, above all, patient-centric. LifeHealth combines electronic records, telemedicine, diagnostic tools and othermedical functions to improve and streamline communications and decision-makingacross the healthcare spectrum, from the individual patient to the highest level of government. When fully implemented in any community, from a village to a nation, LifeHealth is, indeed, “Beyond the Future of Healthcare.”

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Why ?

LifeHealth addresses many of the problems that exist in today’s healthcare systems around the world. Healthcare is bloated, bureaucratic, and inefficient. One EMR system cannot talk to another; doctors not attached to hospital networks are disadvantaged in both diagnostics and communications; insurance companies are insular and overly profit-driven; governments often get conflicting data from competing sources…the list goes on and on. In much of the developing world, decent healthcare is very limited for all but the elites. Over three billion people have virtually no access to a doctor. Healthcare workers are in short supply, communication between medical communities ranges from spotty to non-existent, and existing healthcare systems are institution-focused, compounding their deficiencies. LifeHealth’s patient focus breaks that circle. With LifeHealth, the individual member/patient is empowered and in charge.

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Where ?

LifeHealth is currently in place as a large-scale pilot program in Uganda, with30,000 registered users. Discussions are underway for similar programs in manyother countries. Through partnerships with major international companies likeIBM, Abbott Labs, Zoom and Esri – all participating in the Uganda pilot –LifeHealth is actively building relationships around the world that will tap into apotential multi-trillion-dollar market.

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When ?

Established in 2018, LifeHealth has generated revenues since 2021. By the end of 2022, we expect to be fully operational in Uganda and either operational or in pilot programs in several other African countries, as well as in Asia, South America, and the Middle East. Most of those programs will be operational by the end of 2023, when we plan LifeHealth expansion to include programs in Europe and North America, mostly in rural and underserved communities. By the end of this decade, we anticipate that – the “Arrow Heart” symbol of LifeHealth – will be almost as universally recognized as the Red Cross.

Security at the fore front

Healthcare data in the LifeHealth platform is protected and privacy-assured via MedStack, an industry-proven system to build in, monitor, protect, log and prove security measures specifically for digital health, aligned to multiple industry expectations and jurisdiction regulations around the world.  Data encryption, monitoring, backups, intrusion detection and access logging are all real-time managed by the rigorously-certified MedStack Control platform.

LifeHealth-Buikwe Local government and St.Charles Lwanga Hospital

In our quest to extend #DigitalHealthCare to rural communities of Uganda, we partnered with Buikwe District Local Government and St.Charles Lwanga Buikwe Hospital to sensitize, train, and onboard patients onto our LifeHealth system. Since then, patients are able to track their medical records and video call doctors anytime, anywhere.

Across the circle of care

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Latest News

LifeHealth, A New Innovation Transforming Access To Healthcare

LifeHealth, A New Innovation Transforming Access To Healthcare

We are undertaking a unique program that empowers Ugandas health sector. Read more about it as written by PrLog.

E-Prescriptions now available with Lifehealth Network

E-Prescriptions now available with Lifehealth Network

Did you know that, through our platform you can have access to e-prescription services? E-prescription allows click-of-a-button ordering of medications

Our telemedicine is currently active with IML Insurance, Aspire Hospital and Ecopharm pharmacy

Our telemedicine is currently active with IML Insurance, Aspire Hospital

Beaumont Hospital is a large Our telemedicine is currently active with IML Insurance (30,000 members); Aspire Hospital (60,000 patients); and

UNASO provides coordination, representation and networking among civil society organisations for enhanced HIV/AIDS service delivery in Uganda.has a membership of over 200 organisations and has decentralised and operational HIV networks in over 50 districts country wide. The CTI Foundation supports these efforts in enhancing education, capacity building, tracking and tracing the challenges and successes in eradicating HIV/AIDS in Uganda.

The Alive Again Foundation

“The Alive Again Foundation” address mental health concerns and suicide prevention in Uganda. Alive Again provides timely solutions to the many mental health problems in the community and creates mental health awareness and psycho-social support to mental health patients, suicide survivors and their families. Customized telemedicine and education modules through CTI’s LifeHealth digital health platform have been co-created to support mental health in Africa and are being deployed to this deserving and under-represented community.

IST - CTI Partnership Institute for Social Transformation.

IST - CTI Partnership Institute for Social Transformation (IST) focuses on the welfare of East African market women, who are now the beneficiary of a joint program with CTI Foundation, the Uganda Ministry of Health and IST that applies an integrated approach towards digital healthcare for women. Primary ethnographic and quantitative survey research with more than 500 IST women has been completed and we have begun the enrollment of the current community of 60,000 market women onto our sister company's LifeHealth digital health platform. Our patient-centric focus will help to raise the health, voice, and power of this particularly underserved group and inform strategies for addressing women’s health and economic security in Africa at large.