Your Personal Medical Record on the Go

My LifeHealth Wallet is a mobile app that allows you to access your personal medical record on your phone. With My LifeHealth Wallet, you can store your health vitals, health status, clinical trials, blood type order, and appointment information in one convenient place.

Track Your Vitals, Medical Records, and Lab Results

Health Vitals

Store and Update your vitals on the go on your mobile app for example. Bpm, Weight, Blood Sugar, Blood Type e.t.c.

Medical Visits

The Wallet acts as your health digital record for all your doctor visits and consultations.

Lab Results

Order a lab test from your Wallet directly to a hospital or any labaratory around your area.

Virtual Consultations

My LifeHealth Wallet app makes it easy to consult with your doctor virtually. You can use the video or audio call feature to talk to your doctor about your health concerns.

To schedule a virtual consultation, simply log in to the LifeHealth Wallet app and select "Video a Doctor" from the menu. You will then be able to see a list of online doctors. Select the doctor you want to consult and initiate a call.

During the virtual consultation, you will be able to see your doctor and talk to them in real time. You can also share your medical records with your doctor during the call.

Easily schedule an appointment with a Medical Specialist of your choice

Select your Doctor

A variety of special Medical workers in different areas of medicine to choose from.

Select a slot on calendar

Each Doctor has availability slots from Mon-Sun. You should select slot according to doctor's availability.

Approval and Meet

The Doctor will approve your appointment and you will recieve notification when the appointment is about to start.


Patients are able to receive e-prescriptions from doctors in their LifeHealth Wallet. This allows them to have their prescriptions filled at their local pharmacy without having to go to the doctor's office again.